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Just completed Day 1 of PiYo!

This workout is called “Align: The Fundamentals.”
Now, being someone who has practiced PiYo in the gym setting for about 4 year and went through a PiYo instructor training-Hoping not to sound cocky-But I already know these fundamentals…HOWEVER, its always nice for a refresher of little things you forget, and Chalene is always so cute and entertaining, so anytime you’re doing any fitness work “with” her, its so enjoyable!

This dvd is only done on the first day of the program so that you can be successful in the actual workouts that follow. Chalene reminds you of a couple things I wanted to reinforce in this video.
1) This program can be made to work for anyone.
2) Dont just go through the motions-push yourself in every workout! I say this to my classes all the time…there should be a purpose for every move you make during your workout.

This workout tells you how to align your body through all of the frequently practiced exercises and poses in the PiYo program, from lunges, warrior, and planks to PiYo-only moves like the PiYo Flip and Kick Through!

The 40 mins fly by and you are filled with awesome info and tips to make the workouts to follow even more effective!

Before Pics


So “Before” pics are always filled with mixed feelings for me…Lots of excitement for when I’ll be in the “After!”
And especially now that I’m doing the PiYo program…I just know in 60 days when I finish the program, results Will be evident!

So here does nothing-My “before” pics:




It’s here!!!!


PiYo just arrived!!!
And i was lucky enough to take a lunch break home today, so I got to get it right when it was delivered πŸ™‚

Tonight I’ll be sure to do the first dvd (Alignment) and share my take on it! So pumped to look through the eating plan and check everything out!

“Before pics” to come later as well!!!


The Fourth PiYo workout to find out more about is called SWEAT!

This is a 35 minute workout designed to make you do what? You guessed it! To make you sweat!
“But I thought there wasn’t any jumping or high impact exercises in PiYo?!”Β you may ask yourself.
You’re right! You can sweat without all that stuff!
The fast paced yoga makes your heart rate increase and leaves you with a dynamic conditioning and body weight resistance workout for your entire body!

I’m very much looking forward to this workout, as the “Power” sections in PiYo live are my favorite…They give you that burst of cardio without high impact…I’m anticipating something similar for this DVD, but who knows…Chalene might surprise me with something even better!
I’ll let you know when I review the workout for the first time πŸ™‚ (Counting down daily…PiYo program should arrive within the next few days!!!!)

Define: Upper Body


One of my favorite things: upper body definition!
This workout helps you chisel your upper body to shape your arms! Carve those triceps, define those shoulders, get a killer upper body!
I especially love working upper body with body weight resistance training, and thats what this program is all about!
Also, the workout is just 35 minutes!
Get excited!!!!!

Define: Lower Body

Another PiYo workout is called “Define: Lower Body.

There are two “Define” workouts in this program. Β The first is lower body…(Can you guess the second πŸ˜‰ ).
This workout focuses on creating long, lean muscles while strengthening the entire lower body. You’ll feel it from your glutes to your calves and every muscle along the way!
I can’t be entirely sure, as I’m still awaiting the program, however I’m expecting lots of lunges, chairs, and warriors in this workout! And I CANNOT wait!

This is also one of the shortest workouts in the program-Only 25 minutes of your day to help you get long, lean lines and work that lower half!