Align: The Fundamentals

So it’ll be 5-7 days until my PiYo program arrives…what to do on a blog centered around my progress during the program until I get it?
I’ll tell you about each different DVD everyday until it comes!

One of the workouts is called Align: The Fundamentals.
This is a 40 minute workout (one of the longer ones, as they range from 25-45 minutes in length).

Align “breaks down the most important and effective moves in the program to help you perfect your form and get the best results possible.”
Alignment is essential for success not only with PiYo, but it will help you make quicker and greater development and strength in other workout formats, and it is key in Functional Fitness.
Being aware of your body alignment gets you those results much more effectively. If you know how and why to position your body a certain way, you will not only achieve stronger results, but you will be preventing injury while increasing flexibility and strength.

Looking forward to working on my own body alignment through this workout!

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