Define: Lower Body

Another PiYo workout is called “Define: Lower Body.

There are two “Define” workouts in this program.  The first is lower body…(Can you guess the second 😉 ).
This workout focuses on creating long, lean muscles while strengthening the entire lower body. You’ll feel it from your glutes to your calves and every muscle along the way!
I can’t be entirely sure, as I’m still awaiting the program, however I’m expecting lots of lunges, chairs, and warriors in this workout! And I CANNOT wait!

This is also one of the shortest workouts in the program-Only 25 minutes of your day to help you get long, lean lines and work that lower half!


4 thoughts on “Define: Lower Body

  1. AngelinaFitness Post author

    Of course! Def check out as I share my progress and give reviews of the workouts 🙂
    Feel free to shoot me a comment anytime if you end up interested in trying it out yourself, too!


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